Season 1 Introduction

Welcome to SMARTer Job Hunting's Jobcast

This show is where job seekers and corporate leaders find each other and join together as winning teams. 

In the weeks to come, we'll be exploring what kind of job you really want and need, how you can find it quickly, how to prepare for your interview and how to pitch yourself. How to make a great impression, ways to negotiate your salary and benefits and how to become a star once you get the job. 

We will interview guests, including hiring experts, job seekers and companies looking for workers. We'll also briefly review research in the field and important news articles. 

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  • (02:27) - About Dr. Christopher Harz

Creators and Guests

Dr. Christopher Harz Ed.D., MBA
Dr. Christopher Harz Ed.D., MBA
Dr. Christopher Harz has an extensive background at executive and front-line levels in research, marketing, and productization of technology-based products and services. He has managed and educated many teams and created strategies to win over $550 million in contracts. Dr. Harz worked for the RAND Corporation, DARPA, NASA, DHS, and US military (all three services and Special Forces) and intelligence agencies; with major corporations including Boeing, Northrop, Lockheed, IBM, and NTT; as well as for Allied government agencies on five continents. His knowledge of human psychology and motivation guided his hiring of very diverse global groups to work together as proud and successful teams on tight schedules. He has Doctor of Educational Technology (Ed.D., Magna Cum Laude), Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor’s in Psychology (B.A.) degrees.
Season 1 Introduction
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