Jobcasts from SMARTer Job Hunting provide valuable insights and advice to job seekers. Hosted by the authors of SMARTer Job Hunting, and joined by guest speakers with relevant insights, these Jobcasts are perfect for audio learners, and people on the go.

Jobcasts Topics include:  
  • Identifying the type of job you want and need
  • Strategies for quickly finding job opportunities
  • Uncovering hidden job openings
  • Creating a SMARTer resume
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • Making a great impression
  • Effective pitching techniques
  • Negotiating salary and benefits

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Latest Episodes

Storytelling for Interviews

This continues the Smarter Job Hunting Podcast Series. The most common job interview questions are listed, together with examples of storytelling to answer them, and t...

The Importance of Story Telling

The central theme of the podcast revolves around the importance of storytelling in the job hunting process. Dr. Christopher Harz emphasizes that storytelling can help ...

Season 1 Introduction

Welcome to SMARTer Job Hunting's Jobcast. This show is where job seekers and corporate leaders find each other and join together as winning teams. In the weeks to come...

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